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The Luminous Process

Free Solar + Incentive Analysis

Luminous will prepare a free solar analysis showing system size, cost, applicable incentives and return on investment

Virtual Consultation

Luminous will walk you through the solar analysis, answer all of your questions and present various financing options

On-Site Evaluation

Luminous will conduct a site visit, including inspecting the roof and structural integrity of the building

PV + LED Design

Luminous will design your system to generate the most power per square foot and ROI per dollar.

Incentive Application and Permitting

Luminous will handle all interactions with the utility regarding interconnection, the state regarding any applicable state incentives and the municipality regarding permits

Installation and Utility Interconnection

Luminous will install the system and finalize interconnection and any state incentives

Customer Walkthrough

Luminous will walk you through all aspects of your new solar system and answer any questions that you may have

Monitoring and Maintenance

Luminous will provide you with system monitoring so that you can track your electricity production in real-time and will provide O&M services as requested by you

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Click below for a custom tailored solar analysis, where our experts on solar incentives will design your system and show you projected savings and ROI – making sure to maximize your return at every step of the process!

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