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Helping companies generate energy through the power of the sun

Energy Strategies Should Be Mandatory Business in NJ

Did you know that utility bills can represent 30% or more of operating costs for a business?

Luminous Solar helps commercial customers, in New Jersey and New York, reduce expenses by making energy strategy a part of their business plan.

We try to maximize savings so that customers can reinvest in growing their core business.

Featured Case Studies

Luminous designed and installed solar solutions for a national self storage company’s portfolio locations throughout several states

250 kw rooftop solar solution for a commercial warehouse

We developed a large-scale renewable energy solution for a casino consisting of a 700+ kw rooftop solar system plus a 700 kwh battery system

We designed and installed a 300 kw rooftop solar solution for a commercial warehouse / manufacturing plant

We’re proud to partner with – and provide solar solutions for – a wide number of farms throughout New Jersey and the surrounding states

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Commercial and Industrial (C&I)

High operating costs (especially energy-related), in New York and New Jersey, cut into the bottom line for commercial and industrial businesses. By going solar, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and other C&I locations can often transform what has historically been a liability (high energy costs) into a powerful asset (profit center, positive sustainability image) for the business.

Luminous Solar brings proven expertise and services that allow our C&I customers to maximize the return on their solar investment, whether at a single location or at numerous locations across the country.  From the initial contact, throughout the entire process of going solar as well as through ongoing maintenance services, Luminous Solar consistently delivers quality services to our C&I customers.

We take great pride in our proven project management process, strict standards, and best practices.

Your Solar Energy Portfolio – Managed in Real-Time

Part of large-scale solar power operations is the data management software used to monitor it. Not only do you get assistance from your Luminous Solar team, but you have access to the data when you want and need it. Gain access to key data points and receive notifications and alerts about your system.

Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB)

Luminous Solar makes going solar easy for small and medium-sized businesses. We have installed numerous commercial solar solutions for SMB customers of many sizes, giving us the experience needed to make the solar transition seamless.  Our SMB customers include gas stations, doctor’s offices, laundromats and liquor stores.  

Solar is a Reliable and Straight-Forward Investment Strategy

Before you purchase your solar solution, Luminous Solar provides you with a free, detailed solar anaylsis showing you the projected savings and return on investment that you should expect to realize by going solar. With strong manufacturer warranties and workmanship guarantees, your investment and anticipated savings are reliable and predictable. 

Financing: Flexible and Powerful

SMB customers often don’t have enough capital to spare to implement an entire solar solution. We are confident in our ability to implement the financing solution best suited for your situation which will enable us to get your solar energy solution up and running with little delay.

Through our wealth of experience, the Luminous Solar financing team is well versed at maximizing the tax and other incentives available for our SMB customers. For example, Luminous Solar has had large success in securing federal grants for up to 25% of the cost of solar solutions for SMB customers that most other solar companies are not even aware of.

Real-Time Portfolio Management

Like our C&I customers, the advanced monitoring of the Luminous Solar management software provides you with real-time notifications and alerts so that you can rest easy that your solar solution is functioning at peak efficiency.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations

Our extensive experience gives us the knowledge and expertise to optimize system functionality and operation efficiency. Our team is distinguished by our functional and technical hands-on experience thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional service. 

Our Services Include:

Apartment building landlords can create a new revenue stream by installing a solar system on the building and profitably selling the power the system produces to their tenants. This benefits the landlord by providing a highly profitable long-term revenue stream while also benefiting the tenant who is able to buy power at a lower rate than they could otherwise get from the utility.

For customers who do not have sufficient roof space to install enough solar to offset their electric usage, we can install carports in thier parking lots allowing them to enjoy the huge savings from solar while sheltering their customers vehicles from the elements.

For customers with parking garages, we can install carport solar systems on the top level enabling such customers to save with solar while continuing to use the top deck of the garage for covered parking.

Our innovative approach for gas station solar canopies using a flush mount racking system has been developed as a lower profile to standard racking wiht the benefits of: no hole drilling as it is just clamped on, minimum wind resistance and preservation of canopy visual appearance.

We have just the  right  commercial solar financing options!

Capital Leases

This method of financing is very popular among end customers who have sufficient tax appetite to monetize the solar system’s Investment Tax Credit and depreciation.  Click the “Learn More” button to get more information, or contact us directly!

Operating Leases

This method of financing is used for customers who lack sufficient tax appetite to monetize the solar system’s Investment Tax Credit and depreciation. Under an operating lease, the lessor takes such tax benefits and indirectly passes savings on to the customer.  Click “Learn More” to get all the details, or contact us directly!

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