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Enjoy back-up power while shaving demand charges to reduce your electric bill

How Energy Storage Works

A significant portion of many businesses’ electric bill is comprised of demand charges which are based upon the business’s peak demand for power.  An energy storage system (ESS) can be charged by solar during off-peak times and the stored energy can be used at times of peak demand resulting in a flattening of the peak curve and reduction in the electric bill. 

Step 1: Solar Energy Charges The Battery

During daylight hours, the solar system will charge the battery with excess energy it generates.

Step 2: Software Monitors Consumption

The smart software solution optimizes how your energy is utilized by determining whether it is more cost-effective to consume the produced energy or store it for later use. 

Step 3: Batteries Release Energy

Your stored energy can be released when rates are high, to flatten the peak demand curve and to avoid moving into a higher rate tariff.

Energy Resiliency Analysis

Any downtime can mean costs to your organization. The greater the potential cost, the more important it is to have a resiliency plan intact.

Here is what you should consider when making your cost/benefit analysis:


Outage Frequency

Outage Duration

Load Priority

Demand Charge Reduction with Peak Load Shifting

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Provide Critical Backup Power while Reducing Demand Charges

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Critical System Backup
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System Monitoring

Critical Business System Backup Providing 24 hours of uninterruptible power and energy for critical business needs.

Not many solar companies can provide the full set of services needed to bring together a successful solar and storage project.

We have proven expertise in both these areas and will custom-tailor a solar and storage solution to best fit your needs.

In designing an energy storage system, we conduct a full analysis of a customer’s current electricity consumption habits as well as their operating requirements to power their critical business needs enabling us to determine demand charge savings through peak load shaving.

Our designed energy storage systems are typically Self-Contained, Climate Controlled, and Containerized allowing them to be located either indoors or outdoors.

Solar and storage can operate indefinitely, without the grid, at both the reduced power rating and energy capacity.

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