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Luminous Solar Turn-key Solutions

What if installing a solar solution was as simple as calling Luminous Solar?  Well, it is.  From the initial solar analysis to system design and installation to sytem commissioning and maintenance, Luminous does it all so that you can focus on your core business.  

Whether you need a rooftop, ground-mounted or carport/canopy solar system, let us streamline your project and lower your costs.

Roof Mount – Whether your roof is flat or pitched, whether you have a metal roof or asphalt shingles, rooftops are the most popular location for solar installations. 

Ground Mount – If you have a large ground area that is not otherwise being used, we can install solar there which would allow us to optimize the system design and layout.

Carports and Canopies – If you do not have roof or ground space available, we can install solar on top of carports or other canopies allowing you to continue to use the space for other purposes such as parking or storage. 


Our Network of Suppliers and Contractors

We have our own extensive network of suppliers and contractors, which gives us the ability to scale and build projects across multiple locations in a cost-competitive way. Instead of offering a single type of solar modules and inverters, we offer our customers a choice of Tier 1 solar materials through our well-maintained supply chain.

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Safety and Quality Promise

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Our culture is built on our promise to maintain safety for our staff, your employees, and the environment in which we implement solar solutions.

Luminous Solar promises to:

  • Provide site-specific safety, quality, testing, and plans for each project
  • Offer an in-house safety and quality inspection team
  • Keep an excellent safety record

Every Luminous Solar project is designed and built by industry experts who live by our safety and quality culture. We ensure that our people go home safe each day and that the systems that we build have the quality necessary to last for the designed system life or beyond. 

Whether we are building on a rooftop in a dense urban area, or a ground mount in a remote agriculture field, our safety and quality standards do not waiver. 

We live by these values for our own integrity and to ensure that our systems generate the greatest value possible for our customers.

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