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Customizable solar financing to best fit your needs

Solar Financing. When You Need It. How You Want It.

Project financing is important. Let Luminous Solar provide the solar financing solution that makes the most sense for the your organization. 

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is a no-money down solution that is perfect for commercial and not-for-profit organizations (e.g. HOA) who do not have enough tax appetite to take advantage of the federal solar incentives. 

Capital Lease

A Capital Lease is a no-money down solution that works for any type of organization looking to spread out the cost of its solar system over a period of several years.

PPA – Power Purchase Agreement

Through a solar PPA, Luminous will design, install, and operate and maintain the solar solution for you. You buy the power from us for a fixed, pre-determined price that is significantly lower than what you are paying the utility providing you with affordable and clean power while we operate the system for you.

Municipal Solar Lease

For municipal clients such as city, county, and state entities including fire and police departments, schools, airports and water and irrigation districts, we can provide municipal lease financing covering 100% of project costs for projects ranging from $200,00 to $25 million and terms of 10-20 years.

Become an Expert on Solar Incentives!

We’ve prepared this quick-start video highlighting all available solar incentives – sit back and learn why now is the best time to adopt a solar strategy for your business!

Luminous Financing Option Comparison Chart

Factors Operating Lease Capital Lease PPA Cash Purchase
Upfront Cost None None None Full Cost
Ownership Luminous Solar * Customer Luminous Solar ** Customer
Federal Tax Incentives *** Lessor Customer Luminous Solar Customer
State Incentives Customer Customer Luminous Solar Customer
Maintenance Offered Offered Included Offered
Term 7-25 Years 7 Years 20-25 Years Customer Owned

* Customer has the option to buy out the system at the end of the term by paying a lump sum payment or continuing the fixed monthly payment until the buyout amount has been paid off (typically an additional 18 months for a 7 year lease)

** Customer has the option to buy out the system after six years

*** Customer’s ability to use tax incentives may vary based upon its tax situation.  Please consult your tax advisor as Luminous Solar is not able to provide tax advice

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Leverage Incentives & Maximize Your Savings

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Out-of-pocket Cost
Longest Term (Years)
$ 0 k
Minimum Size

There are many different ways you can take advantage of federal, state, industry, or utility-specific programs.

  Examples include:

  • PACE – Property Assessed Clean Energy
  • REAP – Rural Energy for America Program
  • Federal Investment Tax Credit
  • Depreciation Benefits

We put our expertise in financing solar solutions to work both for our customers who are having solar installed as well as for other solar companies across the country who are seeking commercial, non-profit, muni and agriculture financing solutions for their customers’ solar projects.

The Luminous Solar team is comprised of experts who can help you find and secure these incentives.

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