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About Us

Commerical Solar Financing

We are a turn-key provider of solar and other renewable solutions to businesses of all sizes. We have worked on projects for multi-national corporations and large REIT’s as well as small single location enterprises.

Agricultural Solar Financing

As a member of the Farm Bureau, we have helped many farms drastically cut their electric bills by going solar. We also have highly-efficient and cost-effective solutions for greenhouses.

Residential Solar Financing

We handle consultation, design, permitting, installation, activation and financing for any type of residential solar project. We make sure affordable home power is accessible to anyone.

Non-Profit Solar Financing

Together with our partner Fellowship Energy, we have developed a novel, patent pending approach to offer churches, schools, and non-profits the opportunity to secure their financial future by owning solar with no money out of pocket and immediate savings.

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What makes Luminous Solar different?



Luminous has decades of renewable project development experience ranging from solar to co-generation, from design and construction to financing.


Solar Financing

Luminous offers a broad array of financing solutions custom tailored to each customer’s situation. These options include principal loans, operating leases, tax leases, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and government grants.

No-Money Down Options

We have millions of dollars earmarked for no-money down PPA projects for both non-profit, as well as for profit, customers seeking a no-money down solution with asset ownership in as little as five years.

How it Works

Project Highlights

Muzzarelli Farms

Luminous designed and constructed an approximately 100 kilowatt system in March 2017 for New Jersey-based agricultural customer Muzzarelli Farms. The system offsets 90% of the farm’s energy consumption and savings were achieved immediately.

Advocare Garden State Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

In March 2016, Luminous completed the installation of an approximately 30 kilowatt system for a New Jersey-based medical practice. The system offsets 100% of the building’s electricity requirements and is comprised of US-made solar panels.

Donaldson’s Greenhouses

In late 2017, Luminous completed the installation of a 10 kilowatt Combined Heat & Power System for Donaldson’s Greenhouses of Hackettstown, NJ. Substantial electric and heating cost savings are expected from the CHP system. Expected system production is 62,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually and 355 million BTUs of thermal output.

J&T Farms

In January of 2018, Luminous completed a 184 kilowatt ground-mounted system for J&T Farms of Delaware. The system produces approximately 260,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. Luminous successfully obtained an approximately $62,000 grant from the USDA for this project.


January 29, 2018

“New Jersey is one of the top states in the country because of state programs for anyone who owns a solar powered system here, they get tax incentives and energy credits, and the farmers are able to sell these credits…

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