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Rooftop Solar and Battery Storage Solutions

Luminous Solar has developed a large-scale renewable energy solution for a California casino.  The first phase of this solution consists of an approximately 700 kw rooftop solar system plus an approximately 700 kwh battery system.  A second phase, consisting of a 615 kw gas generator with a 160 ton heat recovery chiller, will follow.

This renewable energy solution is expected to provide the casino with approximately $600,000 of annual energy savings totaling a savings of over $11 million over the lifetime of the system while greatly reducing the casino’s carbon footprint.

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According to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, the amount of electricity that this new renewable energy system will produce each year will reduce the amount of coal being burned each year by approximately 5 million pounds, preventing over 4,596 metric tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted. This is the equivalent of the amount of carbon taken in by approximately 5,410 acres of US forest land each year.

“The practice decided to explore solar technologies as a means to ‘go green’ and reduce fossil fuel consumption at our Hamilton Square office,” stated Dr. Alon Baker.

“Global concerns about climate change, and regional air and water quality, are issues which affect all of us who live and work in New Jersey so it makes sense for all of us to do our part to move towards sustainable energy strategies such as solar power,” he continued. 

“The solar experts at locally-based Luminous Solar, who designed and installed the system, made it so easy for us to go solar to allow us to do our part to address these important issues,” Dr. Baker added. 

Economics was another factor in the practice’s decision to install solar panels, as we were able to take advantage of state and federal tax credits. 

“The technology has developed to the point that it is a sound long-term investment due to increasing energy costs and solar technology becoming more accessible and affordable,” stated Dr. Baker.  

“In this era of rising healthcare costs, our practice is exploring all avenues to cut overhead expenses so that we may gain operating efficiencies to keep services as affordable as possible for our patients,” he said. 

Our new system will reduce the amount of coal being burned each year by approximately 23,753 pounds, preventing over 22 metric tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted!

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