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Luminous Solar has vast experience implementing successful agricultural solar projects. We work alongside growers, processors, nurseries, and a plethora of other agricultural businesses to make solar system implementation quick and easy.

The agricultural sector’s generous incentives make the conversion to solar power a smart choice that provides a very quick payback and a large return on investment.

Solar Incentives for Farms
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Understanding Solar Energy for Farms

Solar energy is a key part of photosynthesis and growing plants. This energy can be harnessed through panels that convert solar energy into a valuable asset for agriculture. Through this energy source, farms can save money, increase energy independence, and reduce the pollution they put out into the world.

Many of the farms we work with use solar panels to power irrigation systems. These are simple to set up and can supply a reliable irrigation system through the year independent of the energy grid. The general rule is that if a farm uses electricity to run it, a solar power option is likely available to help reduce costs and implement savings.

Some of our Agricultural Solar Success Stories

Muzzarelli Farms

Luminous Solar completed the installation of a solar energy system on the Muzzarrelli farm, reducing their carbon footprint and obtaining at least 90% of the farm’s electricity requirements from the new solar system.

J&T Farms

We designed and developed a ~184 kw ground mounted system, comprised of North American-made solar panels. It is expected to produce approximately 250,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

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Our extensive experience gives us the knowledge and expertise to optimize system functionality and operation efficiency. Our team is distinguished by our functional and technical hands-on experience thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional service.

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We have just the right agrictulture solar financing options!

Capital Leases

This method of financing is very popular among end customers who have sufficient tax appetite to monetize the solar system’s Investment Tax Credit and depreciation.

Operating Leases

This method of financing is used for customers who lack sufficient tax appetite to monetize the solar system’s Investment Tax Credit and depreciation. Under an operating lease, the lessor takes such tax benefits and indirectly passes savings on to the customer.

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