Non-Profit Solar Services

Solutions for houses of prayer, schools, and non-profits looking for solar financing

We have a novel approach that allows us to offer schools, houses of worship, and other non-profits the opportunity to:

  • Secure their financial future by owning solar with no money out of pocket
  • Begin savings on day one
  • Stay cash flow positive for the life of the equipment​
  • Stabilize their electric bill at lower rates for the next 25 years
  • Realize significant cash savings over that period
  • Provide for the operation & maintenance of solar equipment
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Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Solar incentives are primarily in the form of tax benefits, and non-profits are unable to take advantage of these incentives as they do not pay taxes.
Out-of-pocket Cost
Average Monthly Savings
Normal Term (Years)

Luminous Solar uses Power Purchase Agreements, also called PPA’s, to provide non-profit organizations a way to monetize these tax benefits.

A PPA is an agreement whereby the non-profit agrees to purchase the power generated by the solar system at a discounted rate to what it is paying to the electric company.

Luminous Solar leverages unique PPAs to optimize incentives otherwise unavailable to non-profit organizations!

Instead of buying the solar equipment, the non-profit does not have to make any investment and just buys the power that the solar equipment produces.

Luminous designs its PPA’s as follows:
  • No money down
  • Initial savings of at least 20% off electric bill, designed to grow more over time
  • Typical term of 25 years
  • Buy-out option available after six years
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