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"In March 2017, the solar energy experts at Luminous Solar completed the installation of a solar energy system on our farm. We are very excited to reduce our carbon footprint on the farm where we expect to obtain at least 90% of the farm’s electricity requirements from our new solar system."
Muzzarelli Farms
Agricultural Sector
“The solar experts at locally-based Luminous Solar, who designed and installed the system, made it so easy for us to go solar to allow us to do our part to address these important issues."
Advocare Garden State Pediatric
SMB Sector

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"The Luminous Solar team delivered a solar and storage solution for our warehouse allowing us to significantly reduce our cost of electricity while providing critical system backup ensuring that our operations are never offline. We have been very pleased with their expertise and professionalism from the initial solar analysis, to dealing with the municipality to installation."
Heat Makes Sense
Commercial and Industrial Sector
"I hired Luminous to install solar on one of our laundromats. They handled everything from dealing with the electric company, obtaining permits and filing for SRECs. I was so impressed by them that we then had them install solar on two more of our buildings and plan to have them install on more buildings as we acquire them."
Colombo Investment Group
SMB Sector
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